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Auto Ventshade

Seamless Ventvisors by Auto VentshadeSeamless Ventvisors by Auto Ventshade

A new generation of luxury ventvisors from the brand that started it all! Keep the automobile's interior cooler by allowing drivers to leave the windows open just the right amount when they park on a warm or sunny day.
Ventvisor by Auto VentshadeVentvisor by Auto Ventshade

Let fresh air in and keep your interior cool in the summer and dry in wet weather!
In-Channel Ventvisor by Auto VentshadeIn-Channel Ventvisor by Auto Ventshade

Same protection from the elements in a sleek, streamlined profile. With greater visibility and less wind noise!
Ventshade by Auto VentshadeVentshade by Auto Ventshade

Stainless steel Ventshades allow for a comfortable air-flow while keeping the rain out of your vehicle.
Aerovisor by Auto VentshadeAerovisor by Auto Ventshade

Get the same protection as Ventvisors in a larger form to keep almost everything off your windows!

Ventshade Ventvisor Info

Auto Ventshade was the creator of the window deflector. Branded the Ventvisor, these popular wind guards are custom made for virtually every vehicle made. Vent the heat, smoke and moisture out of your vehicle while keeping the rain and wind from coming in.

The Ventshade comes in two installation types. The first Ventvisor uses the traditional installation method of strong 3M tape. The window deflector simply tapes to the exterior rim of the window. The second Vent visor is installed in the channel of the window creating a seamless "factory installed" look.

Available in several styles, the Ventshade is one of the most popular auto accessories of all time.