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GMC Yukon Chrome Rear Hatch Cover by Putco

GMC Yukon Chrome Rear Hatch Cover by Putco
GMC Yukon Chrome Rear Hatch Cover by Putco
GMC Yukon Chrome Rear Hatch Cover by Putco
GMC Yukon Chrome Rear Hatch Cover by Putco
GMC Yukon Chrome Rear Hatch Cover by Putco      

Super Easy to Apply with 3M Tape!

High Quality ABS Chrome!

Quantity: Sold Individually
Materials: ABS Chromed Plastic
Installation: Super Easy
Delivery Areas: 48 Continental US Only
Warranty: One Year
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Important Notes:

Due to a special arrangement with Putco, we are offering their entire line at near wholesale prices direct to you the customer. To offer you this unique opportunity, returns other than our error or shipping damage will be subject to an additional 20% restocking charge. All Putco products ship from their factory in Iowa, so please allow time for shipping. Please note that fit of these products is very precise and instructions must be followed for application. Once the product has been adheared to the vehicle, it cannot be detached without damaging the chrome plastic product. FIT BEFORE YOU TAPE! Putco is following the major car manufacturers as they eliminate keyholes on passenger side doors. The "without passenger keyhole door handles" will fit those with keyholes and would cover up the keyhole, making it inaccessible, yet fitting in all other regards.
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GMC Yukon Chrome Rear Hatch Cover by Putco

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Putco has designed a full line of quality made, easy to install chrome overlay accessories for the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL line. These automotive grade chromed ABS plastic items have a 3M double stick adhesive backing that makes installation stick!

If your thinking, "Chromed plastic? It can't be quality." you're wrong. These pieces are similar to other products used by Ford, Chevy, Dodge and other manufacturers. In addition to quality, these items cost a fraction of aftermarket metal chrome parts. Your friends will not be able to tell the difference.
Founded in 1975, Putco entered the after-market accessory industry with the first running board patent in the United States. Since then they have grown to become the leader in top of the line accessories. Their goal is to provide customers a unique product of extremely high quality and craftsmanship. Putco's lifetime warranty on most of its products is unmatched in the industry.

Truck Stuff USA has been selling Putco products since we began business. The feedback we get from our customers is nothing less than outstanding. Their Stainless Steel line is the creme-de-la-creme of truck accessories. We give our personal endorsement and highly recommend the entire Putco line to any customer wanting the very best.
  • Enhances the look of your Tailgate Handle for a true custom look!
  • Made of high grade automotive ABS chrome
  • Custom designed to fit perfectly
  • Easy to install with pre-applied 3M tape...just fit, peel and stick
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