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ATV Carrier for Truck Beds by Ultimate Rack

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ATV Carrier for Truck Beds by Ultimate Rack
ATV Carrier for Truck Beds by Ultimate Rack
ATV Carrier for Truck Beds by Ultimate Rack  

ATV Carrier is Super Easy to Install & Use!

Quads Load & Ride Secure and Safe!

Quantity: Sold Individually
Materials: Steel & Aluminum
Installation: Handyman Skills
Delivery Areas: 48 Continental US Only
Dimensions/Size: 96'' Wide
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Important Notes:

Maximum Load Capacity is 1000 lbs distributed load per ramp. Secure ramps to truck or trailer with safety straps before use. Use ramps on a stable and level surface only.
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ATV Carrier for Truck Beds by Ultimate Rack

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Ultimate Racks are constructed of high quality materials, providing maximum strength and durability. All open ends on the steel tubing have been capped, welded, and ground smooth. This feature insures that no moisture can get inside the steel tubing, so the integrity of the rack will not be compromised. The entire rack has been powder-coated to hold up under the harshest of weather conditions and tolerates heat and moisture much better than paint. Powder-coating gives much longer wear, is chip-resistant, and looks great!

The tire pans are a beautiful blend of functionality and appearance. The 1/8-inch diamond-plate aluminum is rust-proof, easy to clean and very durable. All edges have been de-burred for a smooth finish and a superb look. The Ultimate Rack ramps are each ten feet long and constructed of aluminum. The ramps have a 1 1/2" tall "curb" to help guide your ATV onto the rack. They can easily bear the weight of even the largest ATV. After use, the ramps are folded and stored conveniently under the loaded ATVs, leaving the truck bed space available for gear storage.

The Ultimate Rack is designed to complement your full-size truck! Whether you drive a short- or longbed pickup, the Ultimate Rack fits! If you have a longbed with a standard size toolbox, the shortbed model works, so you can have your tools and your ATVs with you at the same time. The Ultimate Rack rests on the floor of the truck bed, not on the bedrails, providing more stability and evenly-distributed weight. This feature prevents damage to your bedrails.

Your ATVs face forward when loaded on an Ultimate Rack. This cuts down on wind resistance and prevents fender damage caused by wind. By having your ATVs facing forward, gas mileage is improved. When loading ATVs from the rear of the truck instead of the side, there is no chance of accidentally driving off the other side. The headache rack helps protect the cab and rear window.

....In my opinion, there are no other ATV Rack systems on the market that is as safe, easy to use and as well built with quality workmanship as the Ultimate Rack system. I have owned mine since 1998. I have traveled many miles with the atv's on the rack and many trips up and down the ramps. I have never had any mishaps. The thing I like most is loading from the rear without the fear of going over the side as with some of those other racks.

And storage.....Plenty of room under the rack for all my gear... This is the only ATV Rack system that I would recommend. I have several friends that now own their own racks...

Chuck Pendergrass, Utah

In May of 1999 I was looking for the safest rack system made. I needed to haul 2 quads and pull a camp trailer. I did some research quickly dismissed all the "Side loaders" as being too much of a safety issue to load. I would not want to drive off the other side. I had seen a couple of Ultimate Racks and liked the idea of loading from the back. I purchased one from a local dealer. Over 3 years later I still have no complaints about the Rack system. It is easy to install in my truck it is very well made. I haul a Bombardier DS650 on the rack along with a Kawasaki Lakota and these are 2 fairly heavy ATVs. I haul my gear, tires, coolers, generator and about anything else I need to camp. With the ATVs facing forward I do not worry about the plastic breaking. In my opinion it is the best ATV Rack on the market.

I wouldn't buy anything less.

Rusty Hoffman
President 2001, 2002
Utah ATV Association

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