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The world of trucking is huge…

How huge?


Almost 2 million employed in the U.S. alone as truck drivers and that number seems to grow each year as more and more companies expand and technology moves forward.

In fact, it is estimated by the Bureau of labor statistics that another 108.400 truck drivers will join the workforce by 2026.

We think their numbers are actually lower than what is in reality because they take into account employers with a job title such as “truck driver”…

But, many people work as truck drivers as self-employed in moving companies for example that are probably not being counted here.

All in all, trucking is a great career, we welcome you into our site to read about it, see licensing information by state, find a school to get your CDL and even see the most recommended trucks accessories to make your truck as comfortable for you as it can be.

In addition, we would like to help financially where we can to those struggling to get their education because of their finances.

For this purpose, we started a scholarship program, click here to visit our scholarship page if you want to learn more.

Good luck!

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