Privacy Policy

Here at, we understand the value of privacy and the need to protect it.

To outline our dedication and to highlight the steps we have undertaken to protect your privacy, we have compiled our Privacy Policy which you can read through below.

We aim for you to have a full understanding of our usage of your data upon reading this document – why we collect it and how we process it once we have collected it.

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The information our website receives and how it is used

We collect generic, demographical data that gives us an idea of our users as a collective; we would never work with any data that a user could be individually identified by.

Our web server is able to identify the IP address of our site users, it is also able to locate the webpage from which users enter into our website.

We are able to identify how much time visitors spend browsing our site, and we can also understand the date and time of a visitor’s access.

Any specific data pertaining to the identity of an individual user, however, will always remain private.

The reason we collect the statistical, generic data is so that we can establish how well our website is doing in terms of functionality, efficiency, and how much traffic it is generating.

We are also able to detect and fix any issues in our server and upgrade the site’s resources should we notice a need for it.

Occasionally, we may share the demographic information about our users with marketing partners, but this data refers to site visitors as a collective; there would never be an occasion where we would share any personal or sensitive information regarding an individual user.

The information received by the Ad Networks operating on our website

We allow several different ad networks to use as a platform on which to display their advertisements.

Just as we collect your non-specific data, these ad networks do too.

They do this as a means of understanding which advertisements to present to you, dependent on your particular interests.

You are permitted to opt-out of receiving personalized ads, however, you are unable to opt-out of the general types of ads that we allow to be displayed on our site.

We would like to make it clear, however, that none of your personal information is accessed or used by these advertising networks – this is the key point that we would like to make clear to you throughout this document.

Users comments

Users of our site are permitted to leave their own comments, but they do so of their own volition and must accept full responsibility for the information they are providing in their commentary.

We do not claim any responsibility for personal information shared by an individual, nor the potential use of this information by any other third parties.

We do, however, reserve our right to make any amendments or deletions to these comments should we deem it necessary – circumstances may include inappropriate or fallacious commentary.

Links to other websites provides links to several other sites that may ask you to provide your personal data – this may include your address, your contact numbers, links to your social media pages, etc.

We have absolutely no control over how these third parties will process the information you provide, and we hereby disclaim any authority or control with regards to their uses.

This Privacy Policy applies directly to the data collected on our website.

So please, do ensure that you are reading terms of service and privacy policies of these linked websites, prior to giving any sensitive or personal information.

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