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Loudest and proudest horns like the Ooga horns, musical horns, talking horns and more!

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Musical Horns by WOLOMusical Horns by WOLO

Loud! Attracts immediate attention! Available in 14 different song titles.
Music Time Horn by WOLOMusic Time Horn by WOLO

At last an easy to install, one piece musical speaker that delivers true musical instrument sounds. Featuring the Wedding March, Hava Nagila, La Cucaracha, Mexican Hat Dance, Dixieland and On The Road Again.
Bad Boy Super Loud Car Horn by WOLOBad Boy Super Loud Car Horn by WOLO

2 Times Louder Than Factory Horns! Dual Tone Air Horn Blasts 118 Decibels!
Bad Boy Chrome Air Horn by WOLOBad Boy Chrome Air Horn by WOLO

Bad Boy Super Loud now in Chrome!
Airsplitter Truck Horn by WOLOAirsplitter Truck Horn by WOLO

Two chrome metal trumpets produce a sound that is sure to be heard!

If you are looking for that old car sound, get Fun Horn.
Juke Box Horn by WOLOJuke Box Horn by WOLO

One touch plays any of the 34 pre-programmed songs. You can program one of your own favorite songs!
Cannon Ball Express Train Horn by WOLOCannon Ball Express Train Horn by WOLO

Get a Real Train Air Horn Sound and Blast Them Away! 3 All Metal Triple Chrome Plated Trumpets!
Animal House Truck Horn by WOLOAnimal House Truck Horn by WOLO

69 Sound Electronic Horn featuring 9 animals, 10 sirens and 50 musical tunes. Also converts to a powerful PA system.
Bull Horn by WOLOBull Horn by WOLO

The Bull Horn has a super loud alerting sound like a RAGING BULL.
Wolf Whistle Truck Horn by WOLOWolf Whistle Truck Horn by WOLO

Attract attention with this two-tone whistle sound!
Challenger EV Truck Horn Kit by WOLOChallenger EV Truck Horn Kit by WOLO

All metal, chrome plated trumpets make sure that you are heard!
Power Play Portable Amplifier Speaker System by WOLOPower Play Portable Amplifier Speaker System by WOLO

Blasts your favorite songs!
Twin Power Truck Horns by WOLOTwin Power Truck Horns by WOLO

Produces the same powerful sound as an air horn!
Xtreme Air Truck Horns by WOLOXtreme Air Truck Horns by WOLO

Dress up universal replacement horns!