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Fifth Wheel Tailgate Inserts by Custom FlowFifth Wheel Tailgate Inserts by Custom Flow

Designed to fill in the fifth wheel opening to secure the bed of your truck when used with a tonneau cover.
Louvered Tailgate by Custom FlowLouvered Tailgate by Custom Flow

Get one of the best tailgates in the business: get a CustomFlow tailgate! Custom fit to your truck and paintable!
5th Wheel Flo-Thru Tailgate by Husky Liners5th Wheel Flo-Thru Tailgate by Husky Liners

Wider, deeper 5th wheel clearance! Won't rust even if scratched!
Black Louvered V-Gate by Go IndustriesBlack Louvered V-Gate by Go Industries

Go Industries' Black Louvered Air Flow V-Gates are our newest product for quality replacement tailgates for Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge and Ford full size pickups
Chrome Air-Flow Tailgates by Go IndustriesChrome Air-Flow Tailgates by Go Industries

Actually improve your miles per gallon with this great chromed air-flow tailgate.
Painted Air-Flow Tubular Tailgates by Go IndustriesPainted Air-Flow Tubular Tailgates by Go Industries

Black or white painted air-flow tailgates in straight gate or V-gate for fifth-wheel trailers.
Tailgate Net by ProNetTailgate Net by ProNet

For good looks and better gas mileage!

About The Tailgate

The primary purpose of your truck tailgate is to contain the contents of your trucks bed. However, the tailgate can cost you unnecessary gas dollars. Tailgates create wind resistance, especially when you're on the highway. By reducing this air friction, you can save up to 5% or more on gas. That translates into a savings of around $700 or more over a typical trucks lifetime. A louvered tailgate can significantly reduce this air friction.

More About Truck Tailgates

Aftermarket tailgates add a rugged look to your truck while saving you gas. Available in fifth wheel tailgate styles, a louvered tailgate allows your fifth wheel to operate unhindered.