CDL Classes in Alaska (Top Schools)

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If you are to choose Alaska as your educational source for either driving a truck or working on them, chances are you have done the right choice because its potential in this field is quite promising.

The state has five schools which offer both trucking and diesel programs, as well as three other graduate-level program schools.

The average tuition cost in Alaska is $5,47, while many people cherish the qualification for scholarships, too.

Following up, Anchorage-the Alaska University offers various diesel technology scholarships.

After being accepted in their program, you can apply for the Edward M. Peace Scholarship, Norbert Muller Scholarship, and Tony Prockish Memorial Scholarship.

These are the available additional scholarships for the students of Anchorage University.

However, as far as the diesel technology field is concerned, there are a lot of exciting specialties and concentrations to focus on.

For instance, Alaska Southeast University offers a flexible diesel technology program which can be finished within two or four semesters.

Whereas, an Occupational Endorsement, which is a preparation for entry-level work for a student, can be done in two semesters.

While an Associate’s degree which provides more detailed training, usually can be done in two years time.

Additionally, duty mechanics or marine technology are the sections you can focus on as well, as far as conventional diesel technology is concerned.

Having these options, you can experience a more lasting and productive education in a specific area.

But this works best if you already know what career you are choosing to follow in the future.

Anyway, both of these specific fields are prone to Occupational Endorsements.

In order to find out which program fits best to your needs, you also need to know how much you can manage to work, that is to test the hands-on experience.

At AVTEC- Alaska’s Institute of Technology, for example, 60% of your time covers this hands-on educational part.

Generally, trucking and diesel salaries vary in people.

Truckers usually earn an average salary of $51,280 in a year’s time.

As an owner-operator or over-the-road driver, however, you can multiply your earnings.

For diesel mechanics, the average salary is $55,910 per year (O*Net, 2012).

Once you are ASE-certified, you can earn even more in this field as well as gain solid experience.

Below you can see a graphic outlining the comparison of Alaska’s trucking and diesel mechanic average salaries nationwide.

All data is retrieved from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015).

As for the work, being a trucking or diesel graduate, you can work in different ways.

You can choose to work at local or national trucking companies.

Additionally, you can work at a repair shop or at the leasing center as a diesel mechanic.

The major employers in Alaska are Truckwell of Alaska, Rush Truck Centers, and Hendrickson International.

Below you can see a graph showing the comparison of Alaska’s nationwide average trucking and diesel mechanics’ salaries.

The data is retrieved from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015).

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The Best CDL Schools in Alaska

CDL Schools in Alaska are many and they offer you the opportunity to choose between different studying fields, test your hands-on working experience, as well as training extension.

Apart from that, if you choose to enroll a truck driving career in Alaska schools, you can be awarded different types of scholarships which fuel you to go further.

There is also an opportunity to choose between two types of diesel technology programs.

Consequently, you can either choose duty mechanics or marine technology, which offers you a chance to deepen your studying career and be the best at it.

6 Top CDL Schools in Alaska

School NameAddressPhone
Center for Employment Education520 E. 34th Avenue, Suite 201, Anchorage, AK 99503907-279-8451
Center for Employment Education751 Old Richardson Highway, Suite 127, Fairbanks, AK 99701907-479-8451
Ilisagvik College100 Stevenson Street, PO Box 749, Barrow, AK 99723907-852-3333
Northern Industrial Training1740 N Terrilou Ct, Palmer, AK 99654907-357-6400
Northern Industrial Training3700 Centerpoint Dr, Suite 102, Anchorage, AK 99503907-743-7700
Vocational Training&Resource Center3239 Hospital Dr, Juneau, AK 99801907-463-7375

At a Glance: Trucking Schools in Alaska

Total Schools:6
Undergraduate Programs:6
Graduate Programs:3
Average Acceptance Rate:57%
Average Tuition Cost:$5,865
Average Loan Amount:$5,018
Average Scholarship Award:$3,079
Average Classroom Size:12 Students
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Being a Truck Driver in Alaska

After enrolling your education in one of the Alaska Truck Driving schools, you can find many opportunities for employment; either in the local or national section.

Truck Driving Salaries in Alaska

Truck Driving salaries in Alaska depend from the type of the driver.

Generally, truck drivers earn a satisfactory amount of money around $51,280 per year, while being an owner-operator or an over-the-road driver, you can earn much better money.

According to Bureau Labor Statistics, Alaska Truck drivers earn approximately $40000 per year, which is less than US Truck Drivers and US Diesel Mechanics.

On the other hand, Alaska Diesel Mechanics Technology scores $60000 annual wage, which is higher than those of the US.

So far, Alaska Diesel Technology seems to be the most profitable among other tracking categories.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of Truck Drivers in Alaska

City NameSalary
* Salary information based on the May 2021 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Truck Drivers, OCC Code 53-3033, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.
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