About a TWIC Card

Learn More About What a TWIC Card Is

During the work of the truck, the truck should be driven to different places.

Especially if you need to deliver the shipment to a confidential or secure location, you will require additional security measures or government identification.

For example, the TWIC card gives access to a marine object.

What Is a TWIC Card?

Transport workers have a TWIC card as an ID card.

This gives unrestricted access to maritime areas, including port facilities, ship ports, and Coastal installations.

These federal authorities are designed for the U.S. Coast Guard and other transportation professionals.

Do You Need a TWIC Card?

Your employer will probably tell you if you need a TWIC card.

Government boats and other public maritime institutions usually require a TWIC card for regular delivery to ports.

Getting a TWIC Card

It may take you a long time to get this ID.

The process from application to card receipt can take 6 to 8 weeks.

But it is better to apply even earlier to avoid delays.

There are two ways to apply.

First, you need to apply through the transport security administration.

You can also contact and go through the entire process at the Call Centre.

You can make an appointment in advance.

Although it’s not necessary.

In order to apply for a card, you need to collect a lot of documents.

You need to have a full driver’s license with a full temporary card or a certified copy of your birth certificate.

Even if you have a birth certificate, you need to present a valid driving license.

The name you specify in the application form to receive the card must be absolutely identical to all other documents.

If you change your name after a marriage or divorce, you must have certified proof of marriage or divorce.

After checking your documents It is necessary to take a photo and provide fingerprints and pay the cost of TWIC card.

Currently, the fee is $128 and $105,25 at a reduced rate, if you have a FAST card or a permit for the use of hazardous materials.

In the process of registration, you undergo a strict checkup and you are not entitled to get a card with a criminal offense such as treason, terrorism, robbery, and extortion of security offenses.

After registration and approval, you will receive a notification about the status of your card.

When she is ready, you can receive her mail at your home address or pick her up at the application center.

The card is valid for 5 years after issue.

Renewing a TWIC Card

You should update your TWIC card every five years.

You need to go through the same process each time you apply for a Card because it gives you access to a special government agency.

That is, it is necessary to provide the relevant documents to fill out a new application, pay the license fee and pass the stage of data verification.

You can pay for the TWIC card renewal by money transfer from the credit card of the cashier’s office or by the check of the company.

In order not to lose your permit, you must renew a TWIC card before it expires.

A security clearance allows you to find better paid and high-level jobs.

Learn how to get such authority and advance in the truck driver’s career.

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