Local Truck Driving Positions

Do you want to be a truck driver and come home every day and apply your driving skills to your local truck driver’s career?

Local drivers may work for regional transport companies or at production facilities.

Generally, the truck you drive is owned and operated by the employers they own.

Although having your own rig you can earn more as the owner-operator and offset the cost of owning the truck.

Unlike off-road work, which allows you to plan your own schedule and travel at a convenient time, local work involves fixed hours.

Your employer may require 8 to 10 hours of travel per day, depending on their needs.

The more stops you make on your daily route, the longer you drive the loading and unloading, the more physical your job is (if your job is to load and unload the truck).

Calculate the amount of security equipment needed to load the truck correctly at the beginning of the day and unload it at stops.

You don’t need to unload or lift anything at work if you have a hook stop.

You just need to turn the truck around and drop the load.

At the end of the working day, the truck should be taken to the employer, after which it is possible to return home for the night and prepare for the next day.

Usually, the principle of payroll for local drivers differs slightly from the principle of payment for drivers or regional managers.

More specifically, you can get paid for an hour instead of getting paid for miles.

You don’t travel many miles every day, but you do the same local route every day.

Working as a local truck driver can be a great option for you as a local driver.

A Local Truck Driving Job Might Be for You

You can drive a light truck, truck or tractor if you have the appropriate commercial driving license.

Lightweight and heavy load vehicles are often suitable for this career.

Your salary can depend a lot on the type of truck you drive.

According to O*Net, the average salary of light truck drivers is $30,170 per year for tractor drivers with a trailer of $39,700 per year.

Description of work is different and depends on the position and name.

O*Net predicts that the number of light truck driver vacancies will increase by 5% in ten years, while the number of tractor and trailer driver vacancies will increase by 11%.

Working locally allows you to be on the road every day and return to your family every night.

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