5 CDL Schools in Fresno, California

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Located in the bustling economic center of California, Fresno is one of the most dynamic and busy cities in the state.

The business here is in full development and there are many businesses that open every single day.

The vocatioal schools

Truck Drivers annual average salary in California is $49,232 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

CRST Expedites

CRST Expedited is one of the largest logistics companies in the whole state. But besides this, the company also offers schooling and training for future drivers. The school is famous for its professionalism and dedication and more than 4500 students started a new career here. The facilities are excellent and the programs are designed to give you value and quality.

The CDL program here is focused on on-job training. After a few days of theory, you will be matched with a teacher driver that will take you on the road in order to give you on-job lessons and training.

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AddressAddress: 3930 16th Avenue SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

Five Rivers Truck School

Five Rivers Truck School is a vocational facility dedicates entirely for trucking. The school has some of the best teachers in the state and it is located right in the heart of the beautiful city of Fresno. The quality of the education here is excellent and all the students that graduated here were very happy with their later results.

The CDL program will prepare you in a very short time for the trucking industry. It focuses on both theory and practice and you will get many hours of on-job training in order to be ready for your CDL class A certificate.

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AddressAddress: 2224 South Maple Avenue Fresno, CA 93725

Advanced Career Institute

Advanced Career Institute is a great place to start a new job or to further your previous training. The school has some of the most modern facilities and vehicles and the tutors here are experts in their field. The school is notorious for high-quality education and professionalism, making it a great place to start a new career.

The CDL training takes just 4 weeks for the basic CDL class A certificate. There are great classes and on-job training that will help you get all the skills and knowledge to enter the trucking industry.

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AddressAddress: 2953 S East Ave Fresno, CA 93725

Truck Nation School

Truck Nation School is focused on making you one of the best drivers out there. The school has very modern facilities and the teachers and tutors here are among the best in their field. The programs here are focused on both theoretical knowledge and practice and this is one of the reasons the graduates are very happy with their results.

The CDL program takes a short time and it will prepare you for all sorts of situations and contracts. At the end of the program, you will be ready for the CDL class A certificate and a new career.

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AddressAddress: 2055 E North Ave Fresno, CA 93725

United Truck Driving School

United Truck Driving School is one of the most famous vocational schools in the whole state. The facilities here are very modern and all the vehicles are at current market standards. The teachers and tutors are some of the best in the field and they will help you achieve all your goals and start a new career.

CDL training here is great. The program will teach you all you need to know about the trucking industry and you will be able to get your CDL class A certificate at the end of your studies.

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AddressAddress: 4525 E. Commerce Ave Fresno, CA 93725

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