DOT Physical Exam

What You Need for the DOT Physical

The availability of certain documents on the exam will help your doctor to decide whether to meet or not the physical requirements of the DOT.

Follow the next guidelines:

  • Prepare a complete medical record from your doctor if it is another doctor who does not do the examination.
  • If you have any health problems, give your doctor’s name and contact information.
  • Diabetes or sleep apnea usually requires additional documentation of the results of the stress test or sleep test for blood pressure disorder
  • Bring in a list of your drugs.

The list must include the names of all the medicines you take and the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

DOT physical ensures that your health allows you to work and does not expose others to danger on the road.

Take the right medicine and you will be healthy before your health checkup.

Improving Your Health for the Physical

You need to be as healthy as possible in order to go to a doctor’s appointment, this indicator plays an important role in your carrier’s career and failure to comply with this requirement may delay you in your career.

Pressure disorder, poor vision, diabetes problems, and epilepsy can lead to disqualification.

In addition to looking at the physical form of the date, health care experts advise you to follow these guidelines for your physical form.

  • A week before class, eat and drink the right food.

It means reducing or eliminating the salt of caffeine sugar and fast food.

It can improve your blood pressure.

  • Take your medication on time, as irregular medication may distort the readings during the physical examination

Don’t give up your prescription during the examination.

Sudden cessation of medication can have a major impact on test results.

  • If you use glasses or contact lenses for vision.

Make sure your prescription is updated and take your corrective lenses with you.

Passing the DOT Physical

For the truck driver’s career, you need to have excellent health.

The time required to drive in the seat can be a risk to your health.

Your employer should check to see if your health allows you to travel.

In order to ensure road safety and minimize health problems for drivers, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration requires to pass the DOT medical examination before obtaining a driver’s license.

If you plan to get a commercial driver’s license, ask about the physical exam at the DOT and how you can pass it.

At the request of the FMCSA, medical examiners must follow a special protocol and complete a Federal form for all those who carry cargo.

Viewing the form will help you understand what you can do to improve your physical exams, first you need to fill out your health history.

It contains information about all the surgeries you have undergone that you have undergone with medications that you are currently using allergies of symptoms and specific diagnoses.

The medical examiner then checks some of the components of your health: they measure your heart rate and hearing pressure in your eyesight.

In addition, urine should be tested for drugs and protein and sugar or blood in the urine.

During the physical examination, the doctor examines the general state of health of you and each body system, marking it as normal or abnormal.

1. You get access to drive for 2 years if you do not have any conditions that could affect your driving.

2. You get access to driving on condition of periodic observation.

3. If you do not meet the standard medical opinion, you can request a second opinion on the FMCSA protocol.

Based on the possible physical test of the above-mentioned outcomes, the physician then sends the completed physical DOT form to your state licensing authority.

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