How To Study for the CDL Combination Vehicles Test


The trucking industry is very dynamic.

New types of trailers and tractors are available for new customers with different needs.

They’re changing the transport of drivers to make the most of their miles.

The more different types of vehicles and trucks you can drive, the easier it is for you to adapt to changes in your profession.

Find a job with a well-known company and get the desired number of miles.

CDL combined vehicle license is the best option for those who want to introduce more vehicles.

Combined vehicles include vehicles of the tractor and several trailers of different sizes and shapes.

In order to be able to introduce these trucks at the local, regional and national levels, special driving skills and experience are encouraged.

For more complex tasks, a higher salary is offered to the tractor-trailer driver in the United States for an average of $39,520 per year.

In the near future, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 5% increase in this indicator.

How well you know about combination vehicles depends on whether you can take your truck driver’s career to a new level.


If you would like to get additional CDL approval for a combined vehicle, you must take special written tests and skills tests in your state.

Read the CDL manual for your staff as it may include practical questions for approval.

Sometimes the instructions contain questions about the test itself.

You can prepare by studying each section of the Combi Vehicle Approval Guide.

For example, the DMV of the District of Columbia includes such topics in CDL instructions:  

  • Railroad crossings
  • Turning
  • Backing
  • Different combination of vehicles
  • Rollover risks
  • Gentle steering
  • Early braking
  • Skids
  • Coupling and uncoupling
  • ABS
  • Air brakes on combination vehicles
  • Inspecting combination vehicles


To get this approval in addition to your commercial driver’s license, you need to read about the licensing procedure in your state and follow it exactly.

Most likely, you will have to take a written test and skills test to get approval.

A written test is conducted before the driving test.

Skills test means that the combined vehicle can be successfully driven on the road under various conditions.

Adding a license to your driver’s license costs a certain amount of money, which depends on the state.

For example, in North Dakota, you have to pay $3 to get approval.

In Nevada, the fee is $18.25.

Unlike other options, this approval is stricter because it requires skills testing.

It means you need to have additional training and knowledge.

Although if you regularly enter combination vehicles and communicate with the instructor you should be comfortable to take a road test.

Read the theory and take practice questions to prepare for the written test.

The sooner and more correctly you answer the practice test questions, the easier it will be to take the real test.

You can answer the questions of the practical test directly on the internet.

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