Tips for Pre-Trip Inspections

Great Tips for Your Trucking Inspection

  • Check the wheels

One of the most important stages of any trip is a pre-trip check.

In the event of a stop or inspection of your car, you need to know that every detail of the car is in order to go on the road.

Follow these instructions to prevent common mistakes and missed parts of the wheel check.

Problems with wheels can cause inappropriate delays when starting to drive.

Before you check and inspect the CDL, lock the wheels before you travel so that they do not start moving if you are going to be on the truck.

Then check the tightness of the clamping nuts and tighten them if necessary.

Under the Hood

Under the hood of your truck, some things can take a long time to repair, so pay special attention to this step of the CDL check before you go.

  • Tighten all covers and caps.
  • Check all fluid levels, such as coolant, rudder, and fuel wiper fluid, for oil.

If the level is lower than normal, fill it out and if you find a leak, investigate it for the cause of its occurrence.

  • Look at the engine.

Engine block hoses must be intact without cracks or wear.

Fix any leaks you find.

  • Look at the steering axle tires and find out if there are any problems such as uneven nail wear and tear and other problems.
  • Check the ball studs and shock absorbers.

If necessary, lubricate these parts by checking the headlamps and reflectors.

  • Many drivers remember the pre-driving inspection, but some forget the defective reflectors increase the risk of driving at night.

You can also get a fine if you have one or more of these reflectors on your car.

When inspecting reflectors, check the condition of the reflective strips on your vehicle.

Fluids, Mounted Components, and Bolts

It can be difficult for newcomers to deal with all the different parts.

During the checking in this case, remember these:

  • Cab interior
  • Paperwork
  • Seatbelts

When inspecting the mechanical parts of the car, remember about its internal structure.

Warning signs appear on your dashboard in advance.

It’s important for the inspectors.

The cabin must be kept clean and tidy.

Do not leave objects loose on the floor.

Check these conditions of all seatbelts in the cab.

Important Notes

Check the places where all your necessary documents are stored.

Don’t be in a hurry.

You don’t have to rush through the entire exam process.

This rule works for the test sitting before the trip and for the standard check before the trip.

It’s better to be careful than to pass a test.

This stage of the driving process is necessary for safety so it should take as long as it needs.

It is important not to start driving without making sure that your truck is in perfect condition.

CDL testing is the most important part of any drive.

Following these tips, you can see how much your truck is ready to go.

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